CANDIDATE 011: Hand & Lock Embroidery Competition 2011 Finalist

 I have been selected as a finalist for the Hand & Lock Embroidery Prize 2011. Here is a taste of the work I submitted: ranging from the oriental, Korean inspiration for the embroidery to details of the final pieces.

 A key inspiration for the technique I used was a vintage textile piece I picked up from Portobello Market, London- a cross stitched floral chair cover from the late 1900's. The front was worn and colours were muted, whereas the back was bold with the original colours still present- floral pattern had become distorted and imperfect as this is the side left unseen and hidden. The effect was very unusual and this became my modern, abstract twist on the traditional embroidery technique.

As knitwear is one of my specialisms, I then thought about combining knitwear and embroidery- a marrying that you don't tend to see that often. Again a contrast was created, with bright, acid coloured floral on muted, military-inspired background- as well as the other way around.

If you want to vote for my entry please follow the link below, 'Like' the Hand & Lock page and then 'Like' my entries and/or put a comment.



  1. I love this technique is very unusual but very cool....


  2. Beautiful work. I really love this. Would you allow me to use it on my blog?

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